Music and Musing


Best part of this song is Grant Heckman and his guitar. He bounces off my Celtic gloom and goes for the throat. It makes you want to put on a long flowing black dress and jump off a cliff….in slow motion ….in a good way.







Then there’s this woman. Laura Smith. We’re at Salty Towers and it’s a half hour before the show. She lets me into her room to work her magic. She says it’s not magic, just tools to help me deal with stage fright. The point is it worked. The other point is, she spent her pre-show jitter-time giving herself to someone else’s jitters.

Now we are up on our Diaz singing in circles. I’ll never forget the calm that came over  the audience while Laura sang. They were smiling babies; eyes shut, washed in love, bathing in a sonic hug. When she sings she makes you feel safe.

I’m thinking that I have some work to do, pretty sure there’s been times when my stage vibe is silently screaming, ‘RUN AWAY! WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!’

I do have work to do.

Here’s a song  we’ve all needed to hear at some point:



Feb 16 2019
The last time I had anything to do with Hoby he was still in his mother’s womb. I knew his grandmother, a silver haired super hero. My favorite vision of Charlene was of her long limbs scrambling up a mast to the crow’s nest, knife clenched between her teeth. Not sure whether that’s an actual memory or a story someone told me, but the vision remains. She invited me to a ‘blessing’ for Hoby and I wrote Little Gem in his honor.
Then it’s Fifteen years later, I’m about to make my daring scramble to a St. Andrew’s stage, when I find myself looking into the eyes of a beautiful young man. He might have been at ease mingling with the crowd at Elrond’s in Rivendell ,‘Hi! I’m Little Gem.’ As is my wont, I misheard him and ended up calling little Jim for the rest of the night, but he turned out to be an actual Gem. He appointed himself my guardian, complete with finding me a drive back to Salty Towers, where I got to catch up with his grandmother.



3 thoughts on “Music and Musing

  1. Hi Deb! I just had a boo and listen on your new site. Love the new tunes. Best of luck on your new album. XO Marilyn Wood


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