” Debbie Adshade offers the rich artistry of a mature songwriter, the healing compassion of true voice, and the resonance of lasting music. She takes us through the delightful chaos of life, through hearts, and into thunder – where we may heal our wounds.”

 –poet and writer Greg Cook



My love affair with music began in grade 2 with the Beatles. I immediately  formed my own cover band and we performed around the school yard with badminton rackets.  We managed to create quite a scene and embarrass my older brother. This humble beginning led to a decade of singing into my hair brush in front of the mirror. I naturally sang with passion and  at a ridiculous volume.  Since this loudness brought me much attention, it took another decade to move along and start to  learn about dynamics and range.

I was inspired by the Beatles, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Joni Michell, CSNY and Janis Joplin.  Beginning in High School I embarked on a long career of acoustic/electric endeavors.  These days I enjoy singing jazz and writing songs on guitar and piano.  It’s been about 40 years since I first stepped on to a stage.

My 20’s were spent in back to the land mode, singing in rock and pop cover bands, writing two chord songs and doing yoga.  I was invited to the Playhouse in Fredericton around l980 or so to perform with Peter Miller. The CBC recorded that event and over the years I got to record a  few shows with CBC.  I met Mike Hanlon and we played at the Atlantic Folk Festival. Mike and I have played together in many groups over the years. One of the most enjoyable experiences of that decade was fronting the theatrical rock group “Airtight.”  I learned a lot from these boys and have many fond memories.

In my 30’s I experienced a wonderful collaboration with my husband Larry Belyea and we created Jazmine.  At the age of four Jazmine  learned to sing all the songs on Jennifer Warren’s “Famous blue raincoat”  She still loves Leonard Cohen.  One day–after becoming morbidly fascinated with a song where the fire and Joan of Arc have a dialogue— she ran upstairs to ask me what a “swollen appetite” was.

In my mid-thirties, I attracted a backer and we spent a few months trying to get me into the big world.  They were going to change my name to ‘Debra Shade” because a specialist in the business said that you must have three syllables  in your name. I had some airplay with a pop song that was very ’80’s and was a little bit relieved when that business was over.  This was a time of release bursting with creative energy.  “Adshade Cafe” was a trio with Paul Mortimer and Linda Boyer. We worked away at the songs for” The Thunder God’s Wife.” Linda was the mistress  of harmonies and Paul ‘s  offerings, like the acoustic guitar part on “Jason”,  made for magic. We were invited to perform at the Stan Roger’s tribute along with many other East Coast performers. I recorded a second Cd –“Alchemy” –with Lloyd Hanson, a gifted producer with a  rare combination of massive intelligence and spontaneous  creativity.  The theme for this recording was Wisdom Traditions. In researching the various world religions, I discovered the culture of awareness and compassion of Eastern Philosophy and this changed everything.

In my 40’s, I joined with harpist Judy Kamminga and we had a whirlwind of touring and recording. We played at the storytelling festival in Whitehorse and down into the Eastern states as far as “The Point” in Philadelphia.  “Elemental Grace” was the 2nd ECMA nomination for me.  We experienced a creative burst that took us into another recording,” Reverie.” Mike Doherty was the  producer and later I collaborated with him on “Into Thunder”.  I was inspired by a gift from Lloyd Hanson, a book called “Zen Guitar” . This brought about a welcome change  in my guitar playing. Mike was also the amazing bandmaster of the “Adshade Band”  for quite a few years, with guitarist Mike Hanlon, bassist Darrell Williams and drummer Karl Gans. We had many many fine weekends in St. Andrews playing at the Tidal Pool and staying at Salty Towers.

In my 50’s  I made it back to the land with my husband Larry. We found a log cabin on a ridge looking over the Kennebecasis. We work in the fields and the woods and my greatest accomplishment is hand feeding a blue jay. I spent a winter here recording a project inspired by dancer Andrea Scott and a book entitled Qualities. It became spare in instrumentation with layered vocalizations.  I  experienced an adventure singing Jazz with the Kindreds.  They were patient and kind and I enjoyed a new experience.   Most recently I’ve been working with poet Clyde Wray. We are merging our works, poetry and music. This fall we are joined by the magical dancer Kelli Wray. In another area, Jazmine and I went to Italy for  Yoga teacher training. I’ve been enjoying teaching yoga, mostly to friends. I would love to somehow combine music and the Yoga path.  Maybe in my 60’s.  Last year I received a Creation Grant from ArtsNB to compose 12 songs inspired by NB Poets.  I am delving into some great poetry and having fun ricocheting off these works, hopefully creating something new.  In this ongoing project I’m being mentored by producer Lloyd Hanson and have been undertaking the bed tracks on my own. I’ve been spending far too much time with a percussion  track pounding into my head.

Discography beginning in 1992

4 song EP with producer Declan O’Doherty, Toronto.

” The Thunder God’s Wife”, with “Adshade Cafe”. Composed and arranged nine songs inspired by the Greek Myth of the goddess Hera, wife to Zeus. Produced by Lloyd Hanson at Reel North Studios, Fredericton. Musicians included Mike Doherty, Linda Boyer, Paul Mortimer, Dave Bartlett and John Brown.

 Recorded Live Concert for CD and National CBC Radio Broadcast of ” Stan Rogers Tribute ” at the Rebecca Cohn, Halifax. Line up included: Natalie McMaster, Matt Minglewood, Lennie Gallent, Laura Smith and Bruce Guthro. Songs performed/recorded: “Harris and the Mare” and “Giant”.

 “Alchemy ” with Lloyd Hanson at Reel North. Composed a song cycle inspired by the powerful life paths of the human wisdom traditions. Musicians: Mike Doherty, Mark Carmody and Lloyd Hanson.

“Elemental Grace ” with “Madrigal” Produced by Lloyd Hanson at Reel North. Musicians: Debbie Adshade, Judy Kamminga, Lloyd Hanson, Mike Doherty and Joel LeBlanc (Hot Toddy).

 ” Reverie ” with “Madrigal”. Produced by Mike Doherty “Singing Dog Studios” Fredericton. Musicians: Debbie Adshade, Judy Kamminga, “Hot Toddy” members Tom Easley and Thom Swift. Tim Issac (Issac and Blewett), Glen Deveau (El Fuego) and the Saint John String Quartet.

Guest vocals on recordings for Modabo, Frank Taylor, Toot Sweet, Paula Foley, Brent Mason, Judy Kamminga, Lloyd Hanson  Jim Stewart, Joseph Foldi and Karen Palmer.

 Recorded and co-produced “Into Thunder” with Michael Doherty at Singing Dog Studio.

Composed and pre-recorded ‘Qualities’

Composed, recorded and produced NB Poets


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